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Encurate to work with DePaul University!

We’re excited to announce that the students in DePaul University’s departments of Anthropology, and History of Art and Architecture, will get to use our technology to create their very own mobile apps in their Discover Chicago course, a part of the Museum Studies Minor Program.

Encurate works with cultural spaces and destinations around the world, but we have a passion for working with our community here in Chicago, especially with students and emerging professionals. Students in the Discover Chicago classes will create content for their own self-guided tours to be published in their branded, native mobile app. They will have the agency to create and share their own unique perspectives in their content, and then have the opportunity to publish their apps in the Google Play and Apple App Store for an international audience. Not only will they have the opportunity to use our software to create their own native apps, but our Chief Curatorial Officer will guest lecture to provide case studies, best practices, and hands-on instruction. We are proud to have built a service that is affordable and intuitive, making us the perfect partner for their students, instructors, and the DePaul Art Museum.

The Discover Chicago class will begin in the Fall of 2021, and as we progress, we will continue to provide updates on this exciting project through our blog and social media channels. Thank you, DePaul, for trusting us with your students and colleagues! We can’t wait to create with you.


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