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Turn paper handouts into mobile app content.

Everyone working in a cultural space knows that content is king. But, developing new content is one of the most challenging - and rewarding! - parts of creating a new experience for your visitors. It’s no different when creating content for your mobile app. But what if you already have a head start on mobile app content and you don’t even know it?

Items like trail guides, gallery guides, and walking tour maps are the perfect beginning for your mobile app’s content. Especially now, when passing out paper from person-to-person is less than ideal, why not take all of that hard work you’ve already done and create digital versions of your guides and pamphlets? Every place or object that you feature easily becomes a point of interest in your Encurate powered app. Add the photos, copy-and-paste the text, and you’re on your way to easily taking those guides digital. Turning your guides into the base of your mobile app content also means you’re able to offer more media: include audio, video, and multiple images for anything you want to feature. You can’t do that in a paper pamphlet, can you?

When you offer your guides through an Encurate powered mobile app, you’re not only creating a safe way for visitors to access information but it’s also easier and more accessible. With your app, visitors can search for something specific by typing it in and they'll see it on their map, rather than flipping through pages and trying to figure out where something is.

With Encurate, your transition to a mobile app is fast and easy. Reach out to us today to chat more about it, we can’t wait to work with you and your team!

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