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Last Minute Event Changes? Not a Problem

Our team has been hard at work adding new features we know both you, and your visitors, will love. We are constantly updating our Content Management System and mobile apps to create the best possible experience for everyone.

One of the major benefits of being a smaller company is our ability to listen to what our spaces need, as well as what their visitors want, and use that to make our mobile apps consistently better. It's for this reason we're so excited about our newest update, the Live Events feature!

Events in the app have always been a particularly useful feature, and now it's even more helpful. The Events Page in the CMS follows our easy-to-use format; all you have to do is fill in the name of the event, the date and time, a description, and upload a photo.

Encurate CMS

The events will automatically drop off on the day you decide, so you can put in all the events you have coming up in the next few months, without worrying about old events lingering on your app and making it out of date (see photo).

And now when you create a mobile app with Encurate, you have the ability to offer your visitors Live Events.

While you're still getting a branded, native mobile app, you are now able to give visitors updates on your events in real time. With Live Events you don't have to send in an update to the app store to update the events on your app. Simply change or add events on the Events Page, and when you go to Publish, choose "Live Events Publish".

Now, when visitors refresh the app (no need to re-download or update on their phone), the new events will automatically be displayed!

So if you have any last minute time or venue changes, you can let your visitors know immediately, and never worry about them missing out on an event again!

Want to see it in action? Schedule a demo with us today!

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