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We made some memes!

We go to quite a few conferences throughout the year: museum conferences, zoo and aquarium conferences, travel and hospitality... and there are always common themes. One of those is: the competition. What are you competing against when it comes to your visitors' precious time (i.e. when they would come to you) and what can you do to be the place they want to go? We've done some research to identify Five Things your Visitors Are Doing Instead and, because you should never take anything too seriously, made some fun memes to go with them!

The Lunchtable Meme

1. Experience Dining

According to EventBrite, pop-up dinners have seen an 82% year-over-year growth. Visitors are willing to spend the money, but on something new! They flock to these experiences instead of your museum because they think the museum hasn’t changed. So, how do you update your space and keep it dynamic without having to spend a pretty penny? We have an idea...

2. Movies

Ahhhh the sweet smell of processed, hydrogenated butter and popcorn. Who can resist? Not your visitors, apparently. Look, they go to the movies to be transported to a different time and space - for a

visceral, transformative experience. But isn’t that the point of the money you spend on a cool exhibition or attraction? An app takes it to the next level by allowing you to tell multiple stories at once and update content whenever you like!

3. Pop-Up Museums

I know, I know stop calling them museums. But unfortunately, your visitors don’t know the difference and kind of (read: really) don’t care. They’re going for the opportunity to participate in Look What I Did™ culture. They’re going for the ‘gram. They’re going for the opportunity to share that ‘gram. They’re going because, point blank, it looks more fun. You’re #fun too, but what’s so fun about your space that they want to share it? With an Encurate powered app, you can offer AR stickers for their pictures and selfies that can transform your space right from the palm of their hand. They can even share it to any platform directly from the app!

4. Staying Home

There’s no place like it, after all. With so many options to stream, your visitors don’t feel like they have to leave the couch to have an artistic experience or learn about history. In fact, they’re searching on YouTube for virtual tours of your space right now. So, how can your space compete with a couch? An app that has interactive way-finding that makes their visit so much easier they feel right at home.

5. A Destination with an App

Be honest, how quickly do you throw away your paper map? Visitors throw it away and pick up their phones even faster. If they’re on their phone, you should be too. With your own app you can ensure

they’re engaging with your space, not their timeline. They can customize their visit and easily find what they came to see. They come back more often, and they tell their friends about their favorite place to go. Ready to be their favorite?

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