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How long does it take to create your mobile app?

We’re often asked: “What’s the timeline for creating my app?”. It will differ some depending on the size of the area your app will cover, and how much content you’re putting in it, but we’ve got some guidelines for getting your app up and running in time for your busy season.

With an Encurate powered mobile app you’re able to offer your visitors a location-aware map, self guided tours, practical information about your museum or location, and upcoming events, all in the palm of their hand. When you’re ready to start creating your app in the DIY Content Management System (CMS), one of the first questions you should ask yourself is: Do I know what content I want to include in the app for my visitor? Maybe you already have everything ready to go, like an outdoor walking tour currently in paper-handout form that’s ready for an upgrade. In this case you’ll have the images, written content, and maybe audio files ready to be uploaded into the CMS. If you don’t have content - be it images, audio files, written text - ready to go, make sure you consider time to create the content that’s going to be uploaded into the CMS.

When you’re ready to go with images, audio files, and text for locations and points of interest, you’re ready to get into the CMS! In just a few hours you can turn locations into an interactive map, and points of interest into self guided tours. A map of your location is an important component, and you’ll need .pdf or .png files of all the maps you’d like to include.

You also get to brand your mobile app and should have a color palette in mind that matches your design. You can change the app’s colors, add background images, and use your logo throughout. Having all of these files ready to go will make creating your app even easier and quicker!

When you sign on with us, we’ll get your beacons ready, ship them to you, and add them to your CMS. Placing beacons throughout your space is quick and easy, so scheduling an afternoon or two to do so should be added to your timeline. After assigning beacons to the locations you placed them in in the CMS, you’ll want to let us know you’re ready to test your app!

When you’ve decided your app is ready for the app stores there is some information needed. Descriptions of your app and what it offers, the name of your app, and your institution’s logo in specific file sizes are all things you’ll need to prepare. Once you click Publish in the CMS, we get your app to the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store for their approval, which typically takes a business week. Once they’ve approved your app, it will be live for visitors to use and enjoy!

We recommend planning on at least 90 days to go from start to finish with your mobile app. This means that if you want your app in the app store for your busy summer season, you should sign up with us in late February or early March to get started. So, what are you waiting for?! Contact us today for a demo of the DIY Content Management System to see for yourself just how easy it is.

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