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Are you ready for even more ways to explore?

We are excited to announce new features coming in the next generation of Encurate’s platforms! As we head into the last stretch of 2017, we will be releasing redesigned and enhanced versions of the web-based Content Management System (CMS), and the branded mobile apps.

Here's what's coming to the CMS:

On the museum side, it means the next iteration of the CMS will see an even more user-friendly experience, and easy to navigate layout.

If you thought the CMS was simple before with features like drag-and-drop, and click-and-drag, you’ll be excited to see what we have in store for the future.

As before, you’ll be able to create an interactive mobile experience, but now with even more options to customize the app and make it an extension of your cultural space.

The Tours tab in the CMS is changing and will make further design choices possible. Soon, you will be able to add guided tours to your app. Just drag-and-drop your Points of Interest (these can be anything from exhibits you want to highlight, to promotions for the gift shop) onto their specific locations on the Map Editor - now an addition to the Tours tab.

You'll still be able to see exactly what your app looks like as you build it in the CMS. You can change the font, color scheme, text size, background images, and more, all while viewing the changes immediately.

Once you click “Publish” we take care of all the tech, including getting your app in the Google Play and Apple Store. You design it, we build it.

What tools will be available for the visitor using the app?

The redesigned app will be even more interactive, giving visitors access to great content while still providing a heads-up experience as they explore your space. When visitors use the app and choose their interests, they will automatically be directed to the map so they can begin exploring.

Visitors will still be able to search for amenities with the Where is the? button on the map, but soon they'll also be able to tap and add all Points of Interest from their selected tours to the map as well.

The user is able to search for, and view, specific Points of Interest on the map which are represented by icons and colors as they relate to a selected tour. This addition provides another way for visitors to use the map to explore and learn more about what interests them specifically.

The map itself will go through changes as well. The redesign will make the transition between outdoor GPS and indoor Beacons a complete and seamless experience, providing location aware technology wherever the visitor may go!

We can’t wait for you to start working in the new Content Management System, and for your visitors to explore even more with your app. It will be the perfect platform on which to communicate and share all of your content and stories.

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