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Design backed by visitor research.

Mobile apps in museums should serve two groups of people: the visitor using the app and the museum providing it. However, if the mobile app doesn’t adequately serve the visitor first, the museum can’t use it to its full potential; including growing their space and making informed decisions based on how the visitor uses the app.

In order to provide our museums with an app that benefits their visitor, we’re doing some of the research and talking to visitors about how they’re using the mobile app. For example, during general user experience surveying, we realized that the map was one of the most mentioned features. Moving forward with that feedback, we designed our interactive map feature available in all Encurate mobile apps. Visitors can tap the ‘Where is the…?’ button to get information on practical facilities in relation to their location and the ‘What is here?’ button to discover points of interest in relation to their location. When we continued testing and surveying while we made these changes, visitors frequently referred to the map as the ‘most helpful’ or ‘most useful’ component when asked what their biggest takeaway was.

By utilizing visitor research and talking to visitors after they use the mobile app, we are able to make informed changes to the user experience and provide a better experience for your visitor. Whether they’re regularly using the map to discover additional content around them or keeping their device in their pocket waiting on push messages to notify them when something is nearby, your visitor can engage more easily and at the level of their choice.

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