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What we're excited about in 2017!

2016 was fast-paced and exciting for the Encurate office: filled with ‘firsts’, new friends and colleagues, and so many huge steps forward in offering our clients the best tools to create their own custom mobile apps! Here in Chicago, we had a great time releasing the International Museum of Surgical Science’s first mobile app. We made so many new friends while exhibiting at the American Alliance of Museums conference in the summer and during the Museum Computer Network conference in the fall. We spoke to hundreds of museum professionals and enthusiasts about their favorite museum technology and our passion for using it as a platform to spark curiosity in museum visitors.

2017 is already off to a whirlwind start! We’ve got a calendar full of invigorating conferences and presentations, we’re integrating new social media options into our platform, and working with innovative new clients who are striving to create mobile tours that enhance and add to their space. We have already begun to challenge ourselves to think outside the box; what tools does it take to create mobile apps worthy of best-practice standards? How do visitors interact with those mobile apps while they’re in a gallery? What kind of critical information can we glean from the data collected by beacons?

We can’t wait to get to know what your museum tech and mobile app goals are for this year, and, how we can help you achieve them!

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