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We mobile apps for museums.


Welcome museum experts, enthusiasts, professionals, and the like! We are excited to bring you the Encurate blog; your resource for the latest Encurate projects and research. But first, here’s an introduction to the team that’s going to power your favorite new mobile experiences in our cherished museums and cultural spaces.

We are museum professionals, volunteers, enthusiasts, and active supporters. We have worked in exhibitions, programming, design, visitor studies, and technology. We have supported museums’ collections with our archaeological and anthropological fieldwork. We are also experts in mobile technology, having developed the leading mobile application development platform and suite of business applications for companies around the globe. Our collective experience and passion brought us together, and our determination to effectively change the way museums and cultural spaces create, support, and provide mobile technology is what drives us to create every day.

We believe the smallest of house museums should be able to reach the ever-growing percentage of individuals across the globe that have a smart phone in their pocket, and are probably already using it while they visit museums. We believe that it should be affordable for institutions to create their own custom, mobile experience. We believe you can still offer an exceptional, wireless experience without the need for WIFI. We believe you should be able to create custom, self-guided mobile tours quickly and with ease. We believe you should be able to collect fundamental, quantitative visitor statistics with your mobile app. With Encurate, your institution will have the tools and resources necessary to make this vision a reality.

We can’t wait to share our passion and ideals with you and your team. We are ready and excited to provide the tools you need to create a mobile app that your visitor will relish and that your team can use for marketing, exhibition design, and programming. In other words: it’s nice to meet you; let’s get started.


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