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Easy, Engaging Mobile Apps.

If you're a museum, garden, aquarium, zoo, or other cultural & tourist destination, we have what you need to create the best - and safest - experience for your visitors.

(If you're not one of those...we can probably still help. We're cool like that.)


The only thing your visitors will need to touch: their own phones.

Don't let changing norms keep you from sharing stories and engaging visitors.


Whether you're opening again, closed, or closing again, we have the keys for you to create a contact-free experience for your visitors. 

Have your own branded app in app stores in just 30 days.

Choose from one of our affordable pricing tiers, starting at just $100 per month.

Use our easy Encurate Content Management System to create tours, a map, and upload content.

Click a button. We'll take it from there!


We know your days are busy. Not only do we have what you need to create the best app experience for your visitors, but we've made it easy too.

Use content you already have, like existing tour copy, images, and even audio files.


Transition smoothly through the new normal with contact free ticket sales.

Exclusive features like themed tours, audio guides, and interactive maps all in one place.

A new, engaging app experience replaces hands on interactives in your galleries.